Too Timid to Lead?

Healthy Picnic

Canada can still get ahead of the global curve on diet-related diseases.

In much the same way as we have called for in Canada, Consumers International and World Obesity Federation are calling on the international community to develop a global convention to fight diet-related disease. Like the legal framework for tobacco control, governments are called upon to make a binding commitment to introduce a suite of policies that will help consumers make healthier choices.

A recent study found that people are largely unaware of the risks posed by the salt they eat. On the day the study was released, Consumers International started a timer that tallied up the costs of unhealthy diets in both lives and dollars during the week-long World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

There is no reason for Canada to lag behind the curve in this important aspect of disease prevention. What we need is a government with conviction to lead us.

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