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4 STAR Food

4 STAR Food is a free, online toolkit for employers and employees that equips a workplace to improve its food environment, even without any nutritional know-how.  It was created by the Chair in support of A Call to Action to Buy and Sell Healthy Foods and Beverages.

The 4 STAR Impact

  • Healthier Employees.  Diets high in fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains and low in  sodium, transfats, saturated fats and added sugars reduces chronic disease risk.
  • Reduced Costs. Healthier employees incur less health expenditures and resources due to diet-related illness and disease.
  • Improved Organizational Performance.  A healthy workplace motivates health workers, reduces absenteeism, increases employee productivity and efficiency thereby improving organizational performance, workforce retention and public image.


The 4 STAR Food Environment Program

The 4 STAR Food Environment Program is premised on the following key components to generate employee buy-in , engagement and 4 STAR success.

 Staff-Led policies are the first criteria for success. Forming a small committee to plan, lead and implement your 4 STAR food environment will generate commitment  and buy-in.

✯ Targeted, realistic improvements over time to ensure that healthier food is in your workplace for good.

✯ Accessibility of healthy foods and beverages options is improved, including fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing reliance on processed foods.

✯ Reinforcement through promotional activities, communications and training to help the people in your workplace support and embrace the changes and take advantage of your 4 STAR Food environment.


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