Position Statements

These position statements were developed with extensive input from members of the Hypertension Advisory Committee, a coalition of 12 national organizations committed to hypertension prevention and control.  Member involvement in writing of the statements does not necessarily imply member organizations support or endorsement of these statements.

The statements reflect key strategies that have the potential to improve Canada’s eating environment.   They were developed to build awareness, engage partners, generate support and propel action on issues of shared concern.

Support for these statements is welcomed by a broad range of organizations and stakeholders who are working to advance population level strategies to improve lifestyle, prevent chronic disease and improve health.

A Call for Action to Implement a Healthy Food Policy Agenda

Consensus statement of Canadian health and scientific organizations

Full Report:(English / French)

Letters of Support: CSIM Letter to Approve Call to Action, College of Family Physicians of Canada


A National Model for Defining Healthy and Unhealthy Foods and Beverages

To drive action by governments, researchers and non-governmental organizations on nutrition policy and to inform nutrition-based research, Canada needs a standardized model for defining health and unhealthy food products.  This position statement offers recommendations toward the development of such model.

Full Report: (English)


Buy and Sell Healthy Food: Joint Call to Action

Call to action to implement healthy food and beverage procurement policies in all public and private sector settings where food is served and sold

Full Report:(English / French)
Executive Summary: (English /French)

Letters of Support: CSIM Canadian Society of Internal Medicine


Food Pricing Policies to Promote Healthy Diets and Reduce NCD Risk

Policy consensus statement urging the adoption of economic policies that can help to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases.

Full Report: (English)


Increasing Food and Nutrition Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

This call to action advocates for a robust and coordinated agenda for nutrition-focused research, monitoring, and surveillance. The prioritization of dietary research will create a better understanding of the impact of diet on health and disease, and inform the development and evaluation of population-based nutrition interventions.

Full Report: (English)


Minimizing the influence of commercial interests in healthy public food policies

This call to action urges the federal government to implement a national conflict of interest framework that enhances transparency and accountability in nutrition-related public policy decision-making.

Full Report: (English)



Restricting Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages to Children and Youth in Canada

Policy consensus statement urging action and adoption on policies to restrict unhealthy food and beverage marketing to Canadian children and youth.

Full Report: (English/French)
Executive Summary:  English

Resources & Tools

Media Release: Experts call for restrictions on marketing to children. Read
> PowerPoint Presentation: This slide deck was developed for use by health professionals at meetings, conferences, events or other forums to promote and reinforce policy recommendations. Download PDF


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