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Hypertension, a condition which affects 7.4 million Canadians, increases the risk for non-communicable disease (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes.  Together, NCDs are the leading causes of death in Canada.

Dietary risk constitutes that largest preventable risk factor for all premature death, death, and disability in Canada.   It is responsible for an estimated 80% of hypertension.

Interventions to improve Canadians’ diets needs to be a priority for all sectors and organizations whose mandate involves the health of Canadians.   Developing and implementing policies that improve the way unhealthy food is produced, marketing and sold is needed to improve Canadian’s diets, reduce diet-related risk factors and diseases.

This site is dedicated to the promotion, advocacy and advancement of effective policies to successfully address unhealthy diet.

What the Canadian food industry is doing about sodium levels

The Canadian food industry has a huge impact on what consumers eat, but with the cards in their hands, are they helping to reduce sodium? The answer is not enough. Restaurants Canada says that sodium levels in the… Read More

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Summary of the “Symposium on Sodium Reduction in Foods Meeting Report”

Consumers who purchase prepackaged foods are more susceptible to intaking high amounts of sodium. People usually don’t go around counting their sodium intake as excessively as they do calories or fat, however too much sodium can indeed be… Read More

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Kind CEO Funds Transparent Food Research

Just a walk through the supermarket attests to the increasing lack of clarity between what is healthy and what is not. Labels like “healthy” and “organic” can sometimes be misleading, leaving customers unsure of what the truth really… Read More

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