NYC prescribes fruit & veg for obesity


With recent research finding that obese and overweight children are at high risk for hypertension, it’s never been more clear that a healthy diet is essential at a young age.

Still, lower-income families—those most at risk for poor nutrition—find it challenging to afford healthier food. Two New York City hospitals are aiming to make things right with an innovative program that offers prescriptions for fruits and vegetables.

Through the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx), a four-month pilot program initiated by Connecticut non-profit Wholesome Wave, patients can trade in “health bucks” coupons for fruits and vegetables at over 100 participating farmers’ markets in the city.

The two hospitals participating in the effort are situated in neighbourhoods where youth are at high risk of developing ailments related to poor nutrition. The program, which currently has 140 patients enrolled, was based on a 2010 feasibility study whose results showed an increase in both health and awareness among the subjects.

In Canada obesity levels are hitting historic rates. Health bucks might be a good idea in areas of this county, too.

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