Kind CEO Funds Transparent Food Research


Just a walk through the supermarket attests to the increasing lack of clarity between what is healthy and what is not. Labels like “healthy” and “organic” can sometimes be misleading, leaving customers unsure of what the truth really is.

Scientific studies privately funded by companies often portray an altered truth about what is healthy. Hidden agendas by major food companies make it unclear who to believe in the food industry.

In the midst of the growing amount of unanswered questions consumers have about what they eat, KIND’s CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, has decided to do something about it. He has announced that he will be donating $25M to fund Feed the Truth, an organization aimed at more transparency in nutrition research and policy.

Perhaps this is just what consumers need to shed some light on the truth about the food industry. To make it clear that his industry position won’t affect the nature of Feed the Truth, Lubetzky will be stepping away from the organization after contributing to its inception. Three well-known heath advocates, Debra Eschemeyer, Michael Jacobson, and Marion Nestle, will be leading the organization as Board Members.

The organization aims to provide transparent nutrition guidance that will help the public separate what is true and what is not in regard to food and health. If Feed the Truth does accomplish its goals, it will play an important role in improving public health; hopefully encouraging others in the food industry to do the same.

Read the full article here.

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