Great news for Heart Month from Minister of Health, Jane Philpott

The government of Canada is embarking on a range of activities to encourage Canadian children to choose healthier habits. Last Fall, Jane Philpott, the Minister of Health, announced a new healthy eating strategy. In addition, Canada’s Food Guide is being updated to reflect a shift towards more wholesome foods.

The Honorable Jane Philpott reminds us, “This is Heart Month. It is a month when we need to think about how we can all reduce the risk of heart disease and make sure we choose healthy lifestyles”.

The government supports a number of health-focused programs, including Run to Quit, the Carrot Rewards program, the APPLE Schools program, and Kid Food Nation. Living a healthy lifestyle starts from a young age, and the government is finding ways to integrate health into schools. The Minister of Health writes, “I hope that all members of this House, and indeed all Canadians, will do what they can to reduce the risk of heart disease and make healthy choices”.

Heart health can be practiced from a young age. Together, let’s take the steps towards healthier hearts and healthier lives.

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