Gizmo measures salt in soup


Ever wish you could just measure the sodium content of a meal before digging in?

 Well, now you can – for soup, anyway, and if you’re a bit of a math wizard…

A Japanese company called Thanko has invented a device called the Handy Salt Meter. Just as a thermometer measures temperature, the device can measure the amount of sodium in certain dishes. (Designed for Japanese soups, the device reads sodium levels in liquids with a temperature of 140-176 degrees Farenheit; it is not able to read levels in cold or solid foods).

Considering that much of the excessive sodium in commercially available foods comes from preservatives and flavour enhancers, this kind of device could be extremely handy for diners trying to keep an eye on their sodium consumption.

When inserted into a hot broth, the Handy Salt Meter’s LED light displays a percentage. The user then has to calculate the sodium level based on the size of their meal. According to the example provided by Thanko, a 100-gram bowl of soup with a reading of 1% would mean that there is one gram of sodium in the soup. It’s an opportunity to watch your sodium consumption and exercise your math skills at the same time.

While the meter helps to figure out the salt content of soup, it’s not ideal for reading sodium levels in a burger, pizza, or bulk buy organic rice crackers. If you’ve got hypertension, are a soup lover, and not afraid of doing a little math, find this gizmo at the Thanko online store.

Beware: as sodium becomes an increasingly bigger problem in our diets there will likely be more products like this on the market. Stay tuned, and look out for something you can truly help you better watch your sodium intake.

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