Gain rewards for tracking health


It’s an opportunity to work on improving your health, with a little added incentive…

By logging on to and tracking your diet, weight, cholesterol, and fitness activities,  you collect points that can be cashed in for real products and services. We already collect points for buying groceries, frequenting coffee shops, and gassing up, so why not a loyalty program for health?

Cookson James Loyalty is taking an innovative new approach to health promotion. By launching  -a loyalty program that rewards people for taking action to improve their health- they are not only educating consumers and promoting the tools and services of their partners, but also giving consumers a payoff for doing something that’s actually good for them.

Collectively having worked in healthcare marketing and sales for decades the CJL team brought together healthcare professionals, not-for-profit organizations and industry leaders to establish a coordinated effort to promote ideas, services and knowledge for a healthier Canadian population.

In the BestLifeRewarded program, you earn points not by spending money, but by using the program’s web-site to track your weight, cholesterol level or blood pressure, by recording your exercise or your daily health routines or even by browsing through the website for information relevant to your health issues.

As you accumulate points, you can choose when and how to cash them in on available items. All the rewards are health related – ranging from foldable exercise bike to a fitness ball to green tea bags.

The best part of this deal? You don’t have to carry another card in your wallet – the entire experience is virtual. Check out

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