High Blood Pressure in Kids has Adult Implications

WSAW Poster 2015_cropped for blog

World Salt Awareness Week will take place from March 16-22, 2015. This welcome message from the Chairman of World Action on Salt and Health explains why this year’s campaign focuses on an unexpected audience: children.  

Canadian pizza restaurants deliver less sodium

Man contemplating pizza box

Canadians can feel a bit better today about ordering a pizza. An international survey has found that takeaway pizza in Canada, while still high in calories, saturated fats and cholesterol, may have less sodium than comparable pizzas in… Read More

Canadian foods saltier than U.S. equivalents

Grovery Store Cereal Aisle (2)

Five years after initial survey, little has changed   Health conscious consumers know that they should avoid Burger King’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger, which is the saltiest version of itself in the world. But what about a 6” Subway… Read More

New NYC Health Campaign on Salt Intake


The  New York City Health Department just launched an ad campaign encouraging consumers to purchase lower sodium packaged foods. The ads will run through the month of April in subway cars, highlighting the large range of sodium in packaged… Read More

South Africa Regulates Salt


This week, South Africa’s Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced new restrictions on the food industry that would limit the amount of salt that can be added to processed foods. Just in time for World Health Day, with a… Read More

Kids progressively increase salt consumption: cause for concern


Sodium consumption progressive A fact sheet released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is attempting to help US families cut down their sodium intake, as there is “cause for concern” that high sodium consumption in early life… Read More

7 Myths About Bill C-460, a National Sodium Reduction Strategy


Photo: Dr. Norm Campbell introduces Dr. Andrew Pipe of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute at a Sodium Reception in Ottawa. There is some concern that bill C-460, calling for national sodium reduction strategy, is problematic. In this blog, I will… Read More

CBC’s the Great Salt Shakedown: easy to swallow?


I encourage Canadians to watch CBC’s recently aired MarketPlace episode: The Great Salt Shakedown examining Canadian’s struggle to reduce dietary sodium (http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/ ). By measuring 24 hours worth of sodium intake using urine samples, the show examines how… Read More

World Salt Awareness Week: Less Salt Please!


The global group World Action On Salt and Health (WASH) kicks off  its 6th World Salt Awareness Week campaign today -Monday March 11th – 17th March 2013. Held annually, the week of awareness serves to highlight the importance… Read More

New Calculator Sums up your Sodium intake


Photo: PhD, RD JoAnne Arcand from the U of Toronto Department of Nutritional Sciences talks about her new Sodium Calculator as M.D.,Liberal M.P. St. Paul’s Carolyn Bennett tries it out at a Sodium Reception in Parliament Tuesday. TAKE ME TO THE SALT… Read More

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