New U.S. policies show real leadership, pour salt in the wounds of Canadian public health advocates

US on a diet

Recent advances in public health nutrition policies south of the border, from coast to coast, municipal to federal, have cast doubt on the effectiveness of governments across Canada and left public health advocates fuming. San Francisco has introduced… Read More

Big Sugar: is the Good Ship Lollipop Sinking?


It’s in our coffee, tea, and on our toast. It’s in the morning breakfast, the yogourt, in juice and in spaghetti sauce. Sugar sweetens our food, and makes the medicine go down easier. But what is it doing… Read More

FDA Should Regulate Sugar in Soft Drinks say Scientists


The Center for Science in the Public Interest launched a petition today urging the FDA to intervene and regulate sugar levels in sugary beverages Sugary Drinks, outlining their Role in Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease  Unsafe levels of… Read More

Coke’s Coming Together ad: translated


(Video: 2 minutes 07 seconds) In it’s ad called “Coming Together” to address obesity released on January 14th, Coca Cola says “Across our portfolio of more than 650 beverages, we now offer over 180 low and no-calorie choices,”… Read More

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