Canadian pizza restaurants deliver less sodium

Man contemplating pizza box

Canadians can feel a bit better today about ordering a pizza. An international survey has found that takeaway pizza in Canada, while still high in calories, saturated fats and cholesterol, may have less sodium than comparable pizzas in… Read More

Babies and Salt


It’s never too early to think about your child’s sodium intake. Most parents know better than to allow their babies and children access to super-salty snack foods like chips and pretzels – and everyone is aware that “junk… Read More

New App helps Aussie Food Shoppers Pass on Salt


A new version of the successful Bupa-George FoodSwitch app, SaltSwitch, is being launched to Australian consumers today. SaltSwitch will enable Australian consumers to scan different products and then direct them to the lowest salt options. Targeted at anyone… Read More

Top five salty condiments


It’s easy enough to keep track of how often we use the salt shaker, but a little more challenging when we’re flavouring our food using other favorite condiments. Sodium contributes to fluid retention, and too much sodium is… Read More

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