Putting DASH in your diet


No, it’s not about speeding up the eating process. -But that doesn’t mean it’ll slow you down, either! If you’re keen on changing your diet for 2013, DASH might be the best diet menu you ever looked at…. Read More

Oliver’s wish: Teach every child about food


(Video: 21 minutes) Celebrity chef and long-time advocate of healthy eating Jamie Oliver says “We have an awful reality right now.” As a longtime advocate of changing today’s lifestyles and diet, Oliver has started campaigns such as Jamie’s… Read More

Salt leads to sugar: a chain reaction


Eating salty junk food very likely causes a chain reaction leading to sugary drinks, a recent study published in Pediatrics reveals. High-sodium snacks may be the caveat for your children consuming more sugary drinks, according to an Australian… Read More

5 Great “Salternatives”


We can all agree that a lower-sodium diet is what we’re going for – but how exactly do we get there? Certainly, we still want our food to taste good, and something has to replace those sodium sprinkles… Read More

Restaurant meals should be labeled, too! The public has a right to know.


For most of us, eating out is a treat, and we want to savour every bite. But would you enjoy your night out on the town as much if you knew that your restaurant meal isn’t just a… Read More

Confused by Labels on Prepackaged Foods?


Nutrition Facts labels are now mandatory on most prepackaged foods in Canada – but how do you read them? When checking sodium levels, focus on the number of mg listed for sodium in the Nutritional Facts table. This… Read More

Treat Obesity like Smoking with Graphic Warning Labels: OMA


The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) says junk food should be treated the same way as tobacco, slapped with higher taxes and packaged with graphic warning labels as part of an effort to battle childhood obesity. Ontario doctors say three-quarters… Read More

Giving up hot dogs could save your butt


The US Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shocked several American cities in the spring, putting up huge public service ad billboards featuring a man in a hospital gown holding a hotdog in his hand and looking at his… Read More

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