Seaweed new industry salt shaker?


How would you feel about your sodium being replaced with a sprinkle of seaweed? A longtime staple of health-food diets, the underwater flora may now offer a way for the food industry to reduce its salty excesses. Mounting… Read More

Candy flavoured tobacco for kids?


Tobacco producers have found a loophole to market candy flavoured tobacco products to kids. A nationwide study called the Youth Smoking Survey (YSS), conducted in 2010-2011 by researchers at the University of Waterloo, showed that flavoured tobacco products… Read More

NYC prescribes fruit & veg for obesity


With recent research finding that obese and overweight children are at high risk for hypertension, it’s never been more clear that a healthy diet is essential at a young age. Still, lower-income families—those most at risk for poor… Read More

Menu labelling in Ontario legislation passes


The government of Ontario plans to introduce legislation this winter that would require large restaurant chains to include nutritional information on their menus. Consulting with health care authorities, parents’ groups and food industry reps, the government will also… Read More

World Heart Day 2013


World Heart Day was created in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year and the numbers are rising. By 2030,… Read More

Michelle Obama on Marketing to Kids


U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama has always made child health one of her top priorities. This week, she convened a White House summit, hoping to encourage the food industry to change their marketing practices so that kids can… Read More

Gizmo measures salt in soup


Ever wish you could just measure the sodium content of a meal before digging in?  Well, now you can – for soup, anyway, and if you’re a bit of a math wizard… A Japanese company called Thanko has… Read More

Savvy Diner: Don’t you want to know what’s in your lunch?

If you like dining out, but also living healthily, wouldn’t you like to know about the sodium and calorie levels in your restaurant food? After all, with the average restaurant meal containing 1.5 times the recommended daily dose… Read More

Coffee, Tea, & lower BP


People who drink four cups of tea or coffee a day have lower blood pressure than those who drink none, a new 10-year study has found. French scientists in the long-term study found heavy tea drinkers had lower… Read More

Processed food plastics linked to elevated BP in children: study


Plastic additives known as phthalates (pronounced “thal-ates”) are odourless, colourless and just about everywhere: They turn up in flooring, plastic cups, beach balls, plastic wrap, intravenous tubing and – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More

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