Health and environmental groups join forces to tackle unhealthy diets

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Food Secure Canada and Dr. Norman Campbell, HSF/CIHR Chair of Hypertension Prevention and Control, have teamed up to produce a Food and Nutrition Fact Sheet for policy-makers calling for action on the leading risk Canadians’ health and well-being –… Read More

For lack of vision?

North Karelia

Canada’s leaders aren’t doing their jobs A recent article in The Atlantic celebrated the success of a decades-long population health improvement campaign in a remote region in northern Finland called North Karelia. The effort reduced male cardiovascular mortality… Read More

An Unsung Hypertension Hero retires

Lianne Vardy_1

a tribute by Dr. Norman Campbell On April 8th 2015, Lianne Vardy retires from the Public Health Agency of Canada.   For those not aware, Lianne Vardy was a Director in charge of non-communicable disease with the hypertension… Read More

The U.S. should follow Canada’s lead on Hypertension treatment, says study author


Calgary, AB, February 3, 2015 – Many eligible adults remain untreated for hypertension in the United States. A study has looked at the cost-effectiveness of treating these patients based on the 2014 U.S. guidelines. According to the study,… Read More

Over 320 international experts and civil society groups call for a binding treaty to tackle poor diets


In a global show of support for increased efforts to tackle diet-related ill health, leading health campaigners and consumer advocates from across the world have publically endorsed calls for a tobacco-style Global Convention to protect and promote healthy… Read More

Hypertension in Canada: What you need to know INFOGRAPHIC


    Data From: Hypertension In Canada: A 2014 Fact Sheet from the CIHR HSF Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control and Hypertension Canada.  Available at: Adapted from: High Blood Pressure: Why Prevention and Control Are Urgent… Read More

Increased Access to Healthy Foods Needed Now: Canadian Health Orgs


Canadian health organizations are calling upon governments to take a leadership role in creating healthy food environments. They say that implementing strategies that facilitate access to affordable healthy foods and beverages in places where Canadians work, live, and… Read More

US Restaurant Diners Give Low Sodium Meals Higher Flavor Score


PRESS RELEASE via New research led by Healthy Dining and funded by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI), a division of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), reveals that restaurant consumers accept, and in most cases even prefer,… Read More

US Consensus Statement on Sodium


The Health Department and the American Heart Association have brought together 34 of the world’s leading scientists to affirm the benefits of reducing population sodium intake to reduce heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death… Read More

Norm Campbell to receive CAFA distinguished Academic Award

Dr. Norm Campbell

Dr. Norman Campbell has been chosen to receive the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) Distinguished Academic Award for 2014. A Professor of Medicine, Community Health Sciences and Physiology and Pharmacology and a member of the Libin Cardiovascular… Read More

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