Portuguese Society of Hypertension publishes Expert Panel Report on Sodium Reduction


The Portuguese Society of Hypertension (PSH) has been leading the fight against elevated salt consumption in Portugal for 10 years. Portugal currently has among the highest average salt consumption in Europe per citizen (approximately 10.7g/day), and this runs concurrently with… Read More

Bold tax measures beget impressive results

Microwave Dinner

In Hungary, men consume more sodium in a day than nearly anywhere else in Europe, with an average of 17.5 grams (g) of salt each. Most Europeans consume about 10 g daily, and the World Health Organization recommends… Read More

Too Timid to Lead?

Healthy Picnic

Canada can still get ahead of the global curve on diet-related diseases. In much the same way as we have called for in Canada, Consumers International and World Obesity Federation are calling on the international community to develop… Read More

New U.S. policies show real leadership, pour salt in the wounds of Canadian public health advocates

US on a diet

Recent advances in public health nutrition policies south of the border, from coast to coast, municipal to federal, have cast doubt on the effectiveness of governments across Canada and left public health advocates fuming. San Francisco has introduced… Read More

Putting Sodium Reduction on the Map

CSPI Sodium Reduction Savings United States Map

Centre for Science in Public Interest report shows super-sized cost savings View the full report here Image Credit: “Reducing Sodium: A Look at State Savings in Health Care Costs.” Centre for Science in the Public Interest. 21 May… Read More

For lack of vision?

North Karelia

Canada’s leaders aren’t doing their jobs A recent article in The Atlantic celebrated the success of a decades-long population health improvement campaign in a remote region in northern Finland called North Karelia. The effort reduced male cardiovascular mortality… Read More

Nutrient Profile Model aims to help restrict Food Marketing to Children

Kids blank slate

WHO Europe has just launched a nutrient profile model tool intended to support Member States when developing and implementing policies to restrict food marketing to children.   Nutrient profiling is “the science of classifying or ranking foods according… Read More

High Blood Pressure in Kids has Adult Implications

WSAW Poster 2015_cropped for blog

World Salt Awareness Week will take place from March 16-22, 2015. This welcome message from the Chairman of World Action on Salt and Health explains why this year’s campaign focuses on an unexpected audience: children.  

Canadian foods saltier than U.S. equivalents

Grovery Store Cereal Aisle (2)

Five years after initial survey, little has changed   Health conscious consumers know that they should avoid Burger King’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger, which is the saltiest version of itself in the world. But what about a 6” Subway… Read More

World Hypertension Prevention: Policy Highlights


World Hypertension Day is May 17th, an important day for hypertension prevention awareness globally. Here’s why. Hypertension has become such an important non-communicable disease around the world, that last year for World Health Day, the World Health Organization… Read More

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