Healthy Choice? Think Again.


Food Company’s idea of ‘healthy’: Kraft Dinner with sweetened applesauce and Juice There is not a trip to the grocery store that doesn’t result in one of my daughter’s picking up and asking me to buy some unhealthy… Read More

Restrictions Needed on Marketing to Children: Health Experts


85% of Canadian parents want government to place limits on advertising unhealthy foods and beverages to children Experts call for restrictions on marketing to children OTTAWA, May 9, 2013 /CNW/ – More than 20 national and provincial health and scientific… Read More

Big Sugar: is the Good Ship Lollipop Sinking?


It’s in our coffee, tea, and on our toast. It’s in the morning breakfast, the yogourt, in juice and in spaghetti sauce. Sugar sweetens our food, and makes the medicine go down easier. But what is it doing… Read More

Screen Free Week! April 29-May 5


Have you had the TV off and the video games packed away this week? Preschoolers in the US spend an average of 32 hours a week in front of a screen and older children spend even more time…. Read More

Kids Eating Fish: Is it Healthy?


Fish is an incredibly great source of protein, and contains DHA, an omega-3 that helps brain development, especially important to small children. So why are we worried about kids eating fish? Health Canada says that children ages 1… Read More

Country GDP & child well-being not linked


A new report from UNICEF suggests the well-being of children living in Canada is lower than those growing up in many other wealthy countries. Canada ranks 17th of 29 countries in an overall ranking of child well-being, compiled… Read More

Kids progressively increase salt consumption: cause for concern


Sodium consumption progressive A fact sheet released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is attempting to help US families cut down their sodium intake, as there is “cause for concern” that high sodium consumption in early life… Read More

71% of Toddler Snacks are Over-salted: Study


Buying ready-made food at grocery stores for your toddler? Learning to read nutrition labels might be on the menu for your next trip to the grocery store;  a new study says that the majority of pre-packaged foods for… Read More

Eye Candy for kids? Marketing to children policy in focus


You might say that eliminating junk food marketing to kids is like taking away the eye “candy”… but does that mean they’ll eat healthier foods? If only it were that easy : grosso motto, that’s only part of… Read More

Will Cdn Gov’t ignore WHO Sodium Reduction Guidelines?


Will Canada continue to ignore WHO (World Health Organization) and UN (United Nations) salt reduction recommendations? The World Health Organization (WHO) just released its updated recommendations for dietary sodium intake reiterating a strong recommendation for target intake of… Read More

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