Health and environmental groups join forces to tackle unhealthy diets

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Food Secure Canada and Dr. Norman Campbell, HSF/CIHR Chair of Hypertension Prevention and Control, have teamed up to produce a Food and Nutrition Fact Sheet for policy-makers calling for action on the leading risk Canadians’ health and well-being –… Read More

New Link Found between Sodium Consumption and Reproductive Health

Salt and Puberty

Excess consumption of sodium is known the increase the risk of certain adverse health events such as heart attacks. New evidence points to negative effects on reproductive health as well. A researcher in the United States has found… Read More

Nutrient Profile Model aims to help restrict Food Marketing to Children

Kids blank slate

WHO Europe has just launched a nutrient profile model tool intended to support Member States when developing and implementing policies to restrict food marketing to children.   Nutrient profiling is “the science of classifying or ranking foods according… Read More

High Blood Pressure in Kids has Adult Implications

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World Salt Awareness Week will take place from March 16-22, 2015. This welcome message from the Chairman of World Action on Salt and Health explains why this year’s campaign focuses on an unexpected audience: children.  

National Child Day (Nov 20th)


Today is Canada’s national “Child Day”, held November 20th each year as enacted in Bill C-371. Otherwise known as the  Child Day Act as of 1993 the day commemorates the United Nations adoption of  The United Nations Declaration on the Rights… Read More

Cdn dieticians help parents


If you’re a parent, or a caregiver to children, chances are you have occasional nagging questions about whether your young charges are getting the proper nutrition they need. A new online tool can help you get a sense… Read More

Wanted! ON Parents input for Healthy Kids Policy


Ontario is consulting with parents, the health sector and the food and restaurant industry. Parents! Here’s your chance to have your say. Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care committed to aggressively taking on the challenge of reducing childhood… Read More

Processed food plastics linked to elevated BP in children: study


Plastic additives known as phthalates (pronounced “thal-ates”) are odourless, colourless and just about everywhere: They turn up in flooring, plastic cups, beach balls, plastic wrap, intravenous tubing and – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read More

Poor eating behaviours may put preschoolers at risk for later health problems


How kids eat their food may turn out to be just as important as what they eat, according to a new study out of St. Michael’s Hospital. The study, led by Dr. Nav Persaud, a family physician, found… Read More

Regulation of Food Ads to Kids


Who defines what is considered a “healthy food”? How much salt, sugar and fat is allowed in food products marketed to children during Saturday morning cartoons? There are two main regulatory bodies in Canada that have an effect… Read More

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