7 Myths About Bill C-460, a National Sodium Reduction Strategy


Photo: Dr. Norm Campbell introduces Dr. Andrew Pipe of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute at a Sodium Reception in Ottawa. There is some concern that bill C-460, calling for national sodium reduction strategy, is problematic. In this blog, I will… Read More

CBC’s the Great Salt Shakedown: easy to swallow?


I encourage Canadians to watch CBC’s recently aired MarketPlace episode: The Great Salt Shakedown examining Canadian’s struggle to reduce dietary sodium (http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/ ). By measuring 24 hours worth of sodium intake using urine samples, the show examines how… Read More

Social inequalities in sodium consumption?


GUEST BLOG: LINDSAY MCLAREN Dr. Lindsay McLaren looks at the links between sodium and social inequalities: It is well-documented that many populations worldwide consume too much sodium in their diet. Among Canadian adults, for example, over 85% of… Read More

Reality Check: Your last 10 years


Will baby boomers dreams for later life come true? Maybe not, says the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Without lifestyle changes now, many baby boomers face a decade of heart disease, stroke, sickness and disability in their… Read More

Will Cdn Gov’t ignore WHO Sodium Reduction Guidelines?


Will Canada continue to ignore WHO (World Health Organization) and UN (United Nations) salt reduction recommendations? The World Health Organization (WHO) just released its updated recommendations for dietary sodium intake reiterating a strong recommendation for target intake of… Read More

The Next Big Idea for Ontario Health Care: Prevention

Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, Medical Officer of Health, Peterborough

GUEST BLOG: ROSANA PELLIZZARI In December, Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews announced that Ontario health was offering up to $75,000 to Ontario’s 19 health-care centres for the next big idea that would save the system money while delivering quality… Read More

119 World Health Leaders Can’t be Wrong


A National Sodium Reduction Plan is Essential to improving national population health, the United Nations and World Health Organization confirm. The United Nations and World Health Organization (WHO) have confirmed that preventing and controlling hypertension and reducing dietary… Read More

Full support for Libby Davies’ Sodium Reduction Strategy, Bill C-460


Heart disease and stroke are among the most common causes of death and disability in Canadians. As a doctor who commonly sees the personal and family despair, disability and death caused by heart disease and stroke, I strongly… Read More

“Junk Foods,” “Treats,” or “Pathogenic Foods”?

Image courtesy of [image creator name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Largely due to tobacco use, lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating, Canada and the world are facing an epidemic of chronic noncommunicable disease (mostly cancers and cardiovascular diseases). As a result it is predicted the next generation… Read More

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