Why World Salt Week Matters (2014)


World Salt Week 2014 (March 10-16th) For the last decade, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have been working to better inform governments and citizens around the world of the health effects… Read More

Regulate Sodium Now: CSPI


The government regulates many substances that are hazardous to public health, and puts conspicuous health warnings on others. What about sodium? In a recent editorial for article for a publication health site Nutrition Action, a division , Michael… Read More

Menu labelling in Ontario legislation passes


The government of Ontario plans to introduce legislation this winter that would require large restaurant chains to include nutritional information on their menus. Consulting with health care authorities, parents’ groups and food industry reps, the government will also… Read More

Sodium Controversy Clarifications


A report by the Institute of Medicine, issued in May 2013, caused certain major news organizations to suggest that the risks of excessive sodium consumption were exaggerated. No less a media titan than the New York Times proclaimed… Read More

Can a lawsuit stimulate discussion & action to improve healthy eating?


Unhealthy eating is the leading risk for death and disability in the United States and Canada. It is imperative that people starting eating healthier. But with conflicted information everywhere they turn, how are consumers supposed to know what… Read More

Misleading food labels: had enough?!


As a health sciences university student, it is easy to understand the reasons why foods high in sodium, fat and sugar increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fat, and sugar, which is stored as fat when not used,… Read More

Feds omit the salt in health campaign


The federal government launched a healthy eating campaign this spring. But as John Geddes revealed in a Maclean’s scoop on July 9th, the government chose to bury its own research on the benefits of discouraging excessive sodium consumption…. Read More

Healthy Choice? Think Again.


Food Company’s idea of ‘healthy’: Kraft Dinner with sweetened applesauce and Juice There is not a trip to the grocery store that doesn’t result in one of my daughter’s picking up and asking me to buy some unhealthy… Read More

Bill C-460 Struck Down: A Big Loss for Canadian Health

The chamber of the House of Commons is shown during Question Period Wednesday March 27, 2013 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Canadians now face and seem to accept worse health, more disability and higher health costs on Canada Health Day. It is ironic that in advance of Canada Health Day (May 12th) – a day to honor and celebrate… Read More

(VIDEO) Sodium Reduction: Opportunities and Challenges in Canada


Canada is falling short on reducing dietary sodium: this video interview explores the opportunities and challenges in Canada when it comes to sodium reduction, with Canada’s hypertension chair, Dr. Norm Campbell. Tara Duhaney: Hi Dr. Campbell, world salt… Read More

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