CSPI gives the Canadian government a “Salty Shakedown”


This “Salty Shakedown” Editorial was originally published by the Centre for Science in the Public Interest in its Nutrition Action Healthletter, June 2015. If you want to join the growing public call for action to Make Nutrition a Priority,… Read More

Opinion: Menu Labelling

Menu labels

Gov’t Committee MPPs Vote to Require Calories on Chain Restaurant Menus by January 1, 2017, Dismiss Expert and Public Calls for Sodium Disclosure Bill Jeffery, LLB, National Coordinator of the Centre for Science in the Public Interest made this… Read More

An Unsung Hypertension Hero retires

Lianne Vardy_1

a tribute by Dr. Norman Campbell On April 8th 2015, Lianne Vardy retires from the Public Health Agency of Canada.   For those not aware, Lianne Vardy was a Director in charge of non-communicable disease with the hypertension… Read More

Research proves high sodium consumption is harmful, even without hypertension

Smashed salt shaker

A paper called “Dietary Sodium and Health: More Than Just Blood Pressure” has linked high sodium consumption to negative health consequences, even where blood pressure remains at a healthy level overall. Periodic increases in blood pressure caused by… Read More

Meta-analysis links Sodium and CVD mortality in general population

Woman clutching chest

A meta-analysis of 11 studies with a total of 228,785 participants is the most recent of its kind to link higher sodium (Na) intake with higher CVD mortality. A meta-regression analysis showed that for every increase of 10 mmol/d… Read More

Nutrient Profile Model aims to help restrict Food Marketing to Children

Kids blank slate

WHO Europe has just launched a nutrient profile model tool intended to support Member States when developing and implementing policies to restrict food marketing to children.   Nutrient profiling is “the science of classifying or ranking foods according… Read More

High Blood Pressure in Kids has Adult Implications

WSAW Poster 2015_cropped for blog

World Salt Awareness Week will take place from March 16-22, 2015. This welcome message from the Chairman of World Action on Salt and Health explains why this year’s campaign focuses on an unexpected audience: children.  

The U.S. should follow Canada’s lead on Hypertension treatment, says study author


Calgary, AB, February 3, 2015 – Many eligible adults remain untreated for hypertension in the United States. A study has looked at the cost-effectiveness of treating these patients based on the 2014 U.S. guidelines. According to the study,… Read More

Do we need healthier food at school sporting events?

This short video by Dr. Kim Raine encourages us to pause and think differently about accompanying unhealthy food within school and community events, where other healthy habits are the focus. Watch the video and spread the word about how you… Read More

Hypertension in Canada: What you need to know INFOGRAPHIC


    Data From: Hypertension In Canada: A 2014 Fact Sheet from the CIHR HSF Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control and Hypertension Canada.  Available at: https://www.hypertension.ca/images/whatsnew/Final%20HTN%20Fact%20Sheet%201.pdf Adapted from: High Blood Pressure: Why Prevention and Control Are Urgent… Read More

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