The ASPQ calls on Canadian Health Minister Philpott to act on Trans Fats

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Montreal, March 3, 2016 – With the support of many organizations, the Association pour la santé publique du Québec (the Quebec association for public health, or ASPQ) calls on Canada’s Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, to start working… Read More

Health and environmental groups join forces to tackle unhealthy diets

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Food Secure Canada and Dr. Norman Campbell, HSF/CIHR Chair of Hypertension Prevention and Control, have teamed up to produce a Food and Nutrition Fact Sheet for policy-makers calling for action on the leading risk Canadians’ health and well-being –… Read More

Bold tax measures beget impressive results

Microwave Dinner

In Hungary, men consume more sodium in a day than nearly anywhere else in Europe, with an average of 17.5 grams (g) of salt each. Most Europeans consume about 10 g daily, and the World Health Organization recommends… Read More

Too Timid to Lead?

Healthy Picnic

Canada can still get ahead of the global curve on diet-related diseases. In much the same way as we have called for in Canada, Consumers International and World Obesity Federation are calling on the international community to develop… Read More

U.S. policy makers focused on tobacco, but moving forward on sodium

Cigarettes and Salt

It is encouraging that Stephen Osroff, acting United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) Commissioner, sees great  utility in sodium reduction. Excess dietary sodium is a leading cause of hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is second only… Read More

New Link Found between Sodium Consumption and Reproductive Health

Salt and Puberty

Excess consumption of sodium is known the increase the risk of certain adverse health events such as heart attacks. New evidence points to negative effects on reproductive health as well. A researcher in the United States has found… Read More

New Healthy Eating Tools: Eat Well Plate and My Food Guide app

Eat Well Plate

Health Canada has launched two new healthy eating tools for Canadians. Eat Well Plate The Eat Well Plate helps you follow Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide when planning and serving meals. The Plate shows food group proportions… Read More

New U.S. policies show real leadership, pour salt in the wounds of Canadian public health advocates

US on a diet

Recent advances in public health nutrition policies south of the border, from coast to coast, municipal to federal, have cast doubt on the effectiveness of governments across Canada and left public health advocates fuming. San Francisco has introduced… Read More

Putting Sodium Reduction on the Map

CSPI Sodium Reduction Savings United States Map

Centre for Science in Public Interest report shows super-sized cost savings View the full report here Image Credit: “Reducing Sodium: A Look at State Savings in Health Care Costs.” Centre for Science in the Public Interest. 21 May… Read More

For lack of vision?

North Karelia

Canada’s leaders aren’t doing their jobs A recent article in The Atlantic celebrated the success of a decades-long population health improvement campaign in a remote region in northern Finland called North Karelia. The effort reduced male cardiovascular mortality… Read More

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