What the Canadian food industry is doing about sodium levels

The Canadian food industry has a huge impact on what consumers eat, but with the cards in their hands, are they helping to reduce sodium? The answer is not enough. Restaurants Canada says that sodium levels in the… Read More

Summary of the “Symposium on Sodium Reduction in Foods Meeting Report”

Consumers who purchase prepackaged foods are more susceptible to intaking high amounts of sodium. People usually don’t go around counting their sodium intake as excessively as they do calories or fat, however too much sodium can indeed be… Read More

Kind CEO Funds Transparent Food Research

Just a walk through the supermarket attests to the increasing lack of clarity between what is healthy and what is not. Labels like “healthy” and “organic” can sometimes be misleading, leaving customers unsure of what the truth really… Read More

Support from the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine supports all four of our position statements. These statements reflect key strategies that have the potential to improve Canada’s eating environment. If your organization would like to support… Read More

Dissidents and dietary sodium: Concerns with O’Donnell

Read Dr. Norm’s Letter to the Editor of the International Epidemiological Association on concerns about the commentary by O’Donnell et al. Dissidents and dietary sodium_concerns about the commentary by O’Donnell et al_#7291

Great news for Heart Month from Minister of Health, Jane Philpott

The government of Canada is embarking on a range of activities to encourage Canadian children to choose healthier habits. Last Fall, Jane Philpott, the Minister of Health, announced a new healthy eating strategy. In addition, Canada’s Food Guide… Read More

What you get isn’t always what you see: The petition for trustworthy food labels

Have you ever picked up a food item, turned it around to look at the nutrition label, and wondered what exactly the breakdown of percentages really meant? For those who aren’t nutritionists or health care professionals, the distinction… Read More

DASH Diet Wins Best Overall Diet

For many, the new year means making healthy eating resolutions. Adopting a quick-fix diet is tempting for those with a busy life, but it doesn’t usually last very long. For those who are interested in changing their eating… Read More

Can having a sweet tooth lead to heart disease?

According to a New York Times article on sugar, fat, and heart disease, the answer to that question is yes. Too much sugar can indeed increase cardiovascular disease risk. However, over the years, the cause of heart disease… Read More

Portuguese Society of Hypertension publishes Expert Panel Report on Sodium Reduction


The Portuguese Society of Hypertension (PSH) has been leading the fight against elevated salt consumption in Portugal for 10 years. Portugal currently has among the highest average salt consumption in Europe per citizen (approximately 10.7g/day), and this runs concurrently with… Read More

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