Active video games do not replace activity: Active Healthy Kids Canada


Active Healthy Kids Canada does not recommend active video games as a strategy to help kids be more physically active.

Here are some key points the organization says often mislead parents:

  • Playing active video games doesn’t lead to increased overall daily physical activity levels.
  • Active video games may get heart rates up, but they’re not significantly helping kids get to the 60 minutes of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity required each day.
  • Kids find active video games appealing, but the appeal wears off over time and many don’t stick with them.
  • Active video games don’t offer the fresh air, vitamin D, connection with nature and social interactions that come with outdoor active play.

So are there any good reasons to play Active video games?

  • Active video games are a good way to break up sedentary time, like sitting on the couch, but not as good as playing real active games or sports.
  • Enjoy playing active video games with your kids, and let them enjoy playing them with their friends, but don’t misunderstand this as a replacement of real physical activity.
  • If money is spent on active video games as a means of exercise, it might be better spent on skipping ropes, balls, ice skates or other sporting equipment.

Active Healthy Kids Canada position on video:

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