Portuguese Society of Hypertension publishes Expert Panel Report on Sodium Reduction


The Portuguese Society of Hypertension (PSH) has been leading the fight against elevated salt consumption in Portugal for 10 years. Portugal currently has among the highest average salt consumption in Europe per citizen (approximately 10.7g/day), and this runs concurrently with the highest stroke incidence in Western Europe.

PSH has some notable sodium reduction achievements to its name, for example: a reduction in salt consumption to approximately 1.7 g/day within the last 10 years and a legislative initiative on salt content in bread.

Recently, PSH felt the need to evaluate its policies and create a new 5 – 10 year sodium reduction strategy, beginning with a meeting of national and international experts.

The final report from the expert panel proposes a sodium reduction strategy that is now being discussed with social, scientific, and political partners, as well as with food distributors and producers in the country.

We commend PSH on their hard work to reduce sodium consumption in portugal, and have shared this report so that you may learn from it and also share your thoughts with PSH.

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