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    Canadian pizza restaurants deliver less sodium

    Canadians can feel a bit better today about ordering a pizza. An international survey has found that takeaway pizza in Canada, while still high in calories, saturated fats and cholesterol, may have less sodium than comparable pizzas in… Read More

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    Canadian foods saltier than U.S. equivalents

    Five years after initial survey, little has changed   Health conscious consumers know that they should avoid Burger King’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger, which is the saltiest version of itself in the world. But what about a 6” Subway… Read More

Welcome to Hypertension Talk

Hypertension, a condition which affects 7.4 million Canadians, increases the risk for non-communicable disease (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes.  Together, NCDs are the leading causes of death in Canada.

Dietary risk constitutes that largest preventable risk factor for all premature death, death, and disability in Canada.   It is responsible for an estimated 805 of hypertension.

Interventions to improve Canadians’ diets needs to be a priority for all sectors and organizations whose mandate involves the health of Canadians.   Developing and implementing policies that improve the way unhealthy food is produced, marketing and sold is needed to improve Canadian’s diets, reduce diet-related risk factors and diseases.

This site is dedicated to the promotion, advocacy and advancement of effective policies to successfully address unhealthy diet.

Do we need healthier food at school sporting events?

This short video by Dr. Kim Raine encourages us to pause and think differently about accompanying unhealthy food within school and community events, where other healthy habits are the focus. Watch the video and spread the word about how you… Read More

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Hypertension in Canada: What you need to know INFOGRAPHIC

    Data From: Hypertension In Canada: A 2014 Fact Sheet from the CIHR HSF Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control and Hypertension Canada.  Available at: https://www.hypertension.ca/images/whatsnew/Final%20HTN%20Fact%20Sheet%201.pdf Adapted from: High Blood Pressure: Why Prevention and Control Are Urgent… Read More

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Increased Access to Healthy Foods Needed Now: Canadian Health Orgs

Canadian health organizations are calling upon governments to take a leadership role in creating healthy food environments. They say that implementing strategies that facilitate access to affordable healthy foods and beverages in places where Canadians work, live, and… Read More

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