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Hypertension, a condition which affects 7.4 million Canadians, increases the risk for non-communicable disease (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes.  Together, NCDs are the leading causes of death in Canada.

Dietary risk constitutes that largest preventable risk factor for all premature death, death, and disability in Canada.   It is responsible for an estimated 805 of hypertension.

Interventions to improve Canadians’ diets needs to be a priority for all sectors and organizations whose mandate involves the health of Canadians.   Developing and implementing policies that improve the way unhealthy food is produced, marketing and sold is needed to improve Canadian’s diets, reduce diet-related risk factors and diseases.

This site is dedicated to the promotion, advocacy and advancement of effective policies to successfully address unhealthy diet.


Why World Salt Week Matters (2014)

World Salt Week 2014 (March 10-16th) For the last decade, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) have been working to better inform governments and citizens around the world of the health effects… Read More

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Regulate Sodium Now: CSPI

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Menu labelling in Ontario legislation passes

The government of Ontario plans to introduce legislation this winter that would require large restaurant chains to include nutritional information on their menus. Consulting with health care authorities, parents’ groups and food industry reps, the government will also… Read More

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